Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape

Conductive aluminum foil tape is a kind of conductive tape that is made of aluminum foil (purity up to 99.95%) and high quality acrylic adhesive. Its function is to eliminate electromagnetic (EMI) interference, isolate the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body, avoid affecting the functions caused by unwanted voltage and current. So, it is an ideal EMI shielding foil tape. In addition, it is also have good effect on discharging of static electricity. Due to the multi-poly fiber materials, it is not easy to crack and damage after repeated uses or repeated bending. And it can be easily wrapped and affixed to the wire. 

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structure of aluminum foil tape

Conductive aluminum foil tape is made of high quality conductive adhesive, with strong adhesion, anti-aging, and greatly improved insulation performance. It can be cut into various specifications according to customers' needs, welcome to contact for price list and technical sheet.

Main Technical Parameters of Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape

Thickness 0.05mm-0.15mm Length 50m or customized.
Material CU 99.95% Glue Conductive adhesive
Non-conductive adhesive/Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Adhesion 1.2~1.4kg/25mm Temperature Resistance -10℃--120℃
Tension Strength 4.5~4.8kg/mm Elongation 7-7%~3-4%


Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape Advantages

  • Good Performance: aluminum foil tape provided by Topking Tapes is made of high quality conductive adhesive and pure aluminum material to ensure strong adhesive force, excellent conductivity and good sealing performance.
  • Superior Property: flame resistance, solvent resistance, moisture resistance, dust-proof, UV degradation, etc.
  • Flexible: it is easy to fit any surfaces and shapes since it can be bent for using.
  • Quality Assurance: preferential material ensures good quality and color. It is no residues glue left after tearing away.
  • Support Customization: width, thickness, length, packaging are all customizable.
  • Wide Range of Uses: refrigeration, electrical and electronic products, construction, home appliances and other industries.


EMI Shielding Conductive Foil Tape Applications

  • Applicable to all kinds of transformers, cell phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LCD monitors, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products where electromagnetic shielding is required.
  • It is used for wrapping outside the steam duct to prevent temperature dissipation to the outside.
  • It can replace the enameled wire, for shielding of all kinds of transformers.

Aluminum foil tape is divided into single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive. Single-sided aluminum foil tape is also divided into single-conductive aluminum foil tape and double-conductive aluminum foil tape. Single-conductive aluminum foil tape means that the adhesive surface is not conductive, only the other side of pure aluminum foil is conductive, so it is single-sided conductive.

Double-conducting aluminum foil tape means that the adhesive side is conductive, and the other side of the copper itself is also conductive, so it is double-sided conductive aluminum foil tape. Double conductive aluminum foil tape can also be used to process into more expensive composite materials with other materials. The adhesive side of double-sided aluminum foil is also divided into two types: conductive and non-conductive. Customers can choose the most suitable ones according to different needs for conductivity.