TOPKING can provide high performance PORON® materials and offer die cutting services for PORON foam gaskets. As a reliable supplier, we guarantee that low MOQ, high quality, fast delivery and FREE samples. And we have professional and experienced engineers to offer FREE technical supports any time to meet your needs. 

PORON foam gaskets are widely used in electrical appliances, speakers, electronic toys, computers, lighting and other products. It can be attached to the surface of the product, with non-slip and anti-vibration effect, as well as the communication, electrical and other products of the tiny parts of the fixed and protection.

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PORON® Foam Highlights

PORON® polyurethane foams offer high reliability that is critical to for cushioning, sealing, impact protection or energy management. Below is reasons to choose us as custom PORON foam gaskets for your products. 

  • Resistant to Stress Relaxation and Compression Deformation: providing durable, long-term performance for padding, sealing and cushioning.
  • Energy Absorption: Resilient, with excellent vibration isolation and impact absorption.
  • Low Outgassing: no plasticiser migration, non-corrosive to metal, environmentally friendly and clean.
  • Wide Temperature Range: reliable performance at temperatures from -40ºC to 90ºC.
  • Chemical Resistance: resistant to acids, alkalis, organic fluids, automotive fluids and household fluids.
  • Flame Retardant: most of PORON foam meet the flame resistance requirements of UL HBF and MVSS 302.
  • Easy for Die Cutting or Processing: easy to clean and accept adhesives without surface preparation after die-cutting.
  • Extensive Product Portfolio: wide range of firmness, density, thickness and colour options.
  • Reliable Quality and Consistency: materials all have reliable, consistent material properties.

Die Cutting PORON® Foam Gaskets

Die Cutting PORON® Foam Gaskets Applications

  • Panel Sandwich: Prevents loosening, noise and sticking, and no contamination.
  • Around the LED: Prevents light leakage, absorbs shocks, improves air tightness.
  • Around the PCB: Absorbs shocks, vibration, fills the gap and has insulation effect.
  • Keyboard Gaskets: Anti-elastic, non-polluting, good dimensional stability.
  • Around the Battery: non-polluting, absorbs impact sound, improves airtightness.
  • Foot Pads: Good friction, non-polluting, good dimensional stability.
  • Disk Drive Tail Gasket: Absorbs vibration, prevents impact noise and improves air tightness.
  • Friction Gasket: Good friction, non-pollution, good dimensional stability.
  • Disc Cover Soft Pad: Absorbs vibration, blocks out motor noise, prevents shock and improves air tightness.
  • Around the Horn: Prevents noise and fills the gap.
  • Around LCD: Dustproof, shock absorption, gap filling and shading.
  • Around the Speaker: Prevents sound distortion, increases airtightness, fills the space.
  • Around Voice Cylinder: Prevents sound distortion, maintains spacing, increases airtightness.
  • Around the Vibration Motor: Absorbs vibration from the motor and the body, prevents vibration and increases airtightness.
  • Around the Housing: Anti-vibration, maintains spacing, increases airtightness.
  • Electronics: Mobile equipment, computers, electro-acoustic products, touch screen mobile phones, electrical products, electronics, machinery, etc., which require good shock absorption.

PORON is a high-performance polyurethane foam with a high-density, microfine and uniform cellular structure produced by ROGERS INOAC, a joint venture by INOAC Group and ROGERS USA. PORON polyurethanes is durable and long-lasting for industrial applications. Whether for gasket design, sealing, cushioning or vibration management applications, PORON Series products are low outgassing, non-fogging, corrosion resistant, and unbreakable and shatterproof. A wide range of PORON materials are available to meet a variety of design requirements.

PORON is a trademark of the high-density polyurethane foam produced by ROGERS in the United States, as ROGERS is the pioneer and the promoter in this field, so the trademark PORON is widely used by the industry. And this type of product later is commonly known as PORON. The company R.I.C, joint ventured by ROGERS and INOAC, also use this trademark PORON. In addition, there are Korean S&K production of NANOCELL products are also similar products, which is the source of the Korean PORON. UTIS later produced, is now acquired by ROGERS. The common names are SKPORON in Korea, Rogers PORON in the United States, Inoue PORON in Japan, PORON foam in France, etc.