Acetate Cloth Tape

Acetate cloth tape is made of high quality acetate fabric as substrate, coated with acrylic flame retardant adhesive. It has the advantages of good insulation, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, anti-aging, stable performance, softness, easy to die cut, easy to unwind, acid and alkali resistance, and mold resistance. Acetate cloth ape is a non-toxic and tasteless product that poses no threat to human safety and will not cause environmental pollution after use.

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acetate cloth tape structure

TOPKING Acetate Cloth Adhesive Tape Technical Data

Material Acetate Cloth
Adhesive Acrylic
Colors Black
Thickness 0.22mm
Width Customized
Length 30m or Customized
Temperature Resistanc 150℃ (Long-term)
180℃ (Short-term)

Acetate Cloth Tape Main Types

Acetate cloth tape can be divided into different types.

  • It can be divided into black acetate cloth tape and white acetate cloth tape according to its colors.
  • It can be divided into flame retardant acetate cloth tape and non-flame retardant acetate cloth tape according to the flame retardancy. According to the requirements of different electrical products, acetate cloth tape is needed to add flame retardant and do flame retardant treatment on the base material, and the finished product can achieve self-extinguishing (fireproof), then it is "flame retardant acetate fabric"; Acetate cloth tape without flame retardant, combustion once ignition, can not be automatically extinguished, is "non-flame retardant acetate tape ". In general, the acetate substrate and adhesive itself is not fire resistant, but requires special processing to achieve the "flame retardant" effect.
  • It is divided into rubber type acetate cloth tape and acrylic type acetate cloth tape according to the type of adhesive.

Acetate Adhesive Tape Features

Acetate cloth tape is a kind of high temperature tape that is featured with heat resistant, stable viscosity, anti-aging, solvent resistant, flame retardant, high viscosity, easy to die cut, easy to unwind, acid and alkali resistant, anti-mildew, etc. And its insulation performance is better than the general glass fiber cloth and glass cloth tape.

Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape Applications

  • Interlayer insulation for motors, transformers, especially high frequency transformers, microwave oven transformers, capacitors, inverter power adapters.
  • Coil, wire bundle winding and bundling.
  • Fixing of oven parts, deflection coil ceramic piece, ceramic heater and quartz tube.
  • Used in a large number of TV sets and monitors
  • Inside of cell phone, computer, air conditioner and other electronic appliances

Standards or Certifications of Acetate Cloth Tape

With the rising awareness of environmental protection in the world, customers are constantly putting forward new requirements for the environmental protection of acetate cloth. So far, the acetate tape can meet the requirements of Sony SS-00259 standard for electronics industry, meet the requirements of EU ROHS, meet the requirements of EU REACH, meet the requirements of phthalate-free 6P, and also meet the requirements of EU halogen-free, and the products have passed UL certification.

How High Insulation Acetate Cloth Tape is Made?

Its production process is to evenly coat the prepared acrylic acid on the surface of the treated acetic acid cloth, and then enter the drying room to remove the volatile solvent and the high temperature reaction of 150 degrees into a stable polymer material with stickiness, which is non-toxic and odorless, safe for human body in use and will not cause pollution to the environment after use.