Black Polyimide Tape

Black polyimide tape is made of specially treated high temperature resistant insulating polyimide film and coated with high performance organic pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. Black polyimide kapton tape exhibits excellent insulation, penetration resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and can withstand high temperature of 260 ℃/30 minutes and 180 ℃ for a long time, so it can be used in many industries for high temperature masking purpose. 

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black polyimide tape structure
Black Polyimide Tape Structure

Black Polyimide Tapes Sepecifications

Base Material Black Polyimide Film
Adhesive Silicone
Thickness 0.05mm (2mil) or Customized
Standard Size 500mm*33m (36yard) or Customized
Core Material Plastic
Heat Resistace up to 260°C
Adhesion to steel (N/25mm) ≥ 4.5
Adhesion to steel(oz/in) ≥ 12.5
Tensile Strength at Break: (N/25mm) ≥ 115
Tensile Strength at Break :(Ib/in) ≥ 25
Elongation at Break ≥ 50%
Dielectric Strength ≥ 6.5KV

Above is the main technical sheet of our standard black polyimide tape, we also can provide custom-made size to meet your different uses at wholesale price. (You may also like: Gold Kapton Tape >>)

If you are interested in black kapton tape with acrylic adhesive, just contact us without hesitation, our professional engineers will offer your detailed specifications!

Black Kapton Tape Advantages

Black polyimide tape is an ideal high temperature tape for many applications due to its outstanding features, including

  • Good insulation and durable performance;
  • Friction resistance, tear resistance, and special adhesive treatment;
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures, acid and alkali, as well as good mechanical properties;
  • Strong adhesion and leaves no residual adhesive on the masked surface after being removed;

Therefore, black polyimide tapes is a great choice for a wide range of projects. Welcome to contact us to get FREE samples for test to your applications!

How the Black Polyimide Tape is Manufactured?

If you are interested in visiting our adhesive tape manufacturing factory, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to provide you with further information about our factory and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

TOPKING provides high quality high temperature tapes to meet customers' different requirements. And there are two types of black kapton polyimide tape you can choose from:

  1. Glory Surface Polyimide Tape
  2. Matte Surface Polyimide Tape

black polyimide tapes types
Black Polyimide Tape Types

Where the Black Polyimide Tape Used to?

black kapton tape uses in electronic products
Wide Uses of Black Kapton Tape

Black polyimide tape is widely used in anti-soldering protection, transformer coil high temperature insulation bundling; capacitor insulation material, PCB board gold finger high temperature spray masking protection, cell phone lithium battery production bundling. Welcome to contact to get more real application cases for black polyimide tapes!