Double Sided Polyimide Tape

Double-sided polyimide tape, also known as double-sided KAPTON tape, is 0.025mm polyimide film as the substrate and coated with imported organic silicone adhesive on both sides. It can be single-sided or double-sided composite PET fluoroplastic release film.

Double sided KAPTON polyimide tape can be used as high-grade electronic insulation materials and in a variety of high-temperature environment to assist in the use of fixing, such as in flexible circuit board production, electronic components high-temperature lamination. Particularly, it is also suitable for flexible circuit board SMD over reflow soldering with the tooling fixed.

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double sided polyimide tape structure
Double Sided Polyimide Tape Structure

Double-sided Polyimide Tapes Technical Sheet

Carrier Polyimide Film
Adhesive Silicone
Temperature Resistance -73° to 280°C | -100° to 536°F
Color Amber
Thickness 0.05mm~0.15mm
Width 500mm or as customer's request
Length 33m/66yard or as customer's request
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Double Sided Kapton Polyimide Tape Features

  • Wide temperature range for uses and its temperature resistance -73℃~280℃;
  • Good insulation performance, H-class insulation available;
  • Outstanding dimensional stability and strong tensile strength;
  • Premium quality polyimide film with good abrasion resistance ensures reliability and durability
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents.
  • Good adhesion properties make it easy to paste on different surfaces;
  • High quality silicone adhesive makes it easy to peel off and no glue residue left;
  • Amber color makes tape placement obvious for both application and removal.
  • Unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties makes this material an attractive choice for a wide variety of applications.

Application of Double Sided Polyimide Tape

  • Widely used in electronic products and electric parts for high temperature protection and masking, like motors, coils, capacitors, and variable frequency power supply;
  • Used for PCB solder masking since it can protects golden finger and provides electrical insulation and high-temperature resistance;
  • Used for powder coating masking, SMT surface mounting, cable bonding, transformer winding and fixing, 3D printing;
  • Used for fixing the anode of lithium batteries to protect the adhesion from the electrolyte.
  • Perfect adhesive tapes commonly used in the electronic, automotive and painting industries for the protection and insulation of products;
  • Also excellent for thermal printing, like mug press, heat press, etc.

What are quality requirements of polyimide tape?

  • Polyimide tape, also called gold finger tape, has a very important role in our lives, so do you know what the quality requirements of gold finger tape are? Here, we have a brief introduction.
  • The stickiness of high-temperature polyimide tape should last long, can’t be air-dry after a time;
  • Gold finger polyimide tape should be uncover the whole when peeling off and there are no residual glue or shadow after peeling off;
  • There can’t be bubbles floating or warping after the paste for a long time;
  • It must have weather resistance in outdoor use;
  • It must not have crystal point;