Double Sided Polyester Tape

Double-sided PET tape is made of high permeable PET substrate and coated with acrylic adhesive. Its temperature resistance can reach 180℃ and its viscosity can reach 1800G. In addition, just like PET polyester tape, double sided PET tape can be used in humid and high temperature environment. And it also features the property of anti-aging and stability, with excellent initial viscosity and retention viscosity.

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double sided PET tape structure
Double Sided PET Tape Structure

Double Sided PET Tape Technical Sheet

Carrier PET/Polyester Film
Adhesive Acrylic Double-sided
Color Clear
Liner Color Red, Yellow, White
Thickness 0.05
3mm/5mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/20mm/25mm/30mm, customized
Length 50m/100m/200m
Temperature Resistance -20℃~100℃
Adhesion to Steel (N/25mm) 12

TOPKING provides OEM service for different adhesive tape requirements. Please provide us with the type and size of high temperature tape you require and we can provide you with complimentary samples within 3 days. Surely, you can get the most competitive price as well as high quality adhesive tapes. Welcome to contact us anytime!

Double Sided PET Tape Highlights

  • Strong adhesion and excellent holding power;
  • High and low temperature resistance;
  • Solvent resistance and corrosion resistance;
  • Ultra-thin thickness and super viscousity;
  • Easy to peel off without residue glue left;

Application of Double Sided PET tape

  • Automobile Industry: Suitable for fixing and laminating various automobile parts.
  • Household Industry: fixing of plastic parts, nameplate, photo frame decoration strip, furniture decoration strip, logo, etc.
  • Electronics & Electrical Appliance: bonding of cell phone and microphone accessories, fixing of digital camera reflective film, fixing between LCD reflector and backlight module, etc. 

Why Choose Us to Buy Double Sided PET Adhesive Tape?

  • Slitting without burrs: high precision slitting equipment, customize perfect specification 3~1240mm rolls.
  • Customized shapes: fully automatic intelligent die-cutting equipment, customize any shape sheet with pictures and samples.
  • Preferred PET material: excellent PET granules are selected, hot-melted, cooled and cast, and stretched crosswise and longitudinally into PET film of different thicknesses as the substrate, whose strength is much higher than ordinary PET.
  • Advanced coating technology: Using nano-coating technology, PET is used as the substrate and high performance acrylic adhesive is coated on both sides with a coating accuracy of ±2.5um.