Glass Cloth Tape

High temperature glass cloth tape is made of 0.14mm thick imported glass cloth coated with high performance silicone. It has the characteristics of good temperature resistance (-50℃~260℃), strong adhesive force, toughness and tear resistance. It is used for H-level heat-resistant insulation tying, various high-temperature sandblasting protection and lithium-manganese battery insulation wrapping and other high-strength insulation protection. The cost performance of class cloth tape is particularly high, its performance can completely replace the 3 * - 69 \ P212 \ T * SA4618 and other imported glass cloth tape.
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glass cloth tape structure

High Temperature FIreproof Glass Cloth Tape Technical Data

Backing Glass Cloth Adhesive Silicone
Backing Thickenss 0.13±0.005mm Adhesive Thickness 0.05±0.005mm
Total Thickness 0.18±0.005mm Color White
Width Customized Length 30m or Customized
Withstand Voltage >=3KW Tensile Strength 380 N/25mm
Breakage Elonglation ≧5% Viscosity Force 6 N/25mm
Temperature Resistance -10--280 ℃ Insulation Grade High


TOPKING White Glass Cloth Electrical Tape Advantages

  • Good thermal stability, can work under 200℃ for a long time, and can withstand 260℃ for a short time.
  • Soft and tear-resistant, strong adhesive force, not easy to deformation, suitable for a variety of profiles surface paste protection.
  • No glue residue, no residue left when tearing the tape after long time high temperature curing.
  • High mechanical strength, suitable for tight and firm coil wrapping.


Where to Use Insulation Glass Cloth Adhesive Tapes

  • Glass cloth high temperature tape can withstand 200 ℃ high temperature for a long time, and tensile strength, strong bonding, a lot of use in H-class motor and transformer coil lead wire wrapping.
  • Glass cloth tape explosion-proof and anti-leakage features makes it widely used in large quantities for high-energy lithium battery insulation wrap.
  • Used in motors, electromagnets, transformers, glass products, electronics, motors, reactors, micro-motors, induction cookers, lithium batteries and other products insulation wrapping, can also be used in high temperature sandblasting, powder spraying, painting baking paint high temperature resistant masking protection and other industries.
  • It can be used for various high temperature sandblasting protection and high temperature masking protection.
  • It has been used in a large number of domestic applications such as air-conditioning appliances, automotive electronics, digital electronics and other high temperature resistant insulation protection.

Glass Cloth Tape Manufacturing Process and Temperature Testing