PTFE Adhesive Tape

PTFE adhesive tape, also know as TEFLON tape, is a kind of high quality heat resistance tape that adopts anpolytetrafluoroethylene film as the backing materials and is coated with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive after calendering or die-cutting process. 

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teflon tape structure
Self-adhesive PTFE Teflon Tape Structure

PTFE Tape Types Offered by TOPKING

The main ptfe adhesive tape provided by TOPKING has pure ptfe film tape and ptfe coated fiberglass adhesive tape.

choose right PTFE adhesive tape for your applications

  • Pure ptfe adhesive tape is featured with smooth surface, good adhesion, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance as well as excellent insulation performance. It is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing thermal sealing, electronic and electrical industries.
  • ptfe coated fiberglass adhesive tape, reinforced by fabric, has the characteristics of high strength and can be applied to the roller of sizing machine, thermoplastic demodulation and other industries. In addition, it can be used repeatedly and easy to replace. PTFE fiberglass adhesive tape is superior on tensile strength and tear resistance, thus it offers more durable heat resistance solution for packaging machine and sealing machine. 


PTFE Adhesive TapeTechnical Data

Backing Thickness Max Width Adhesive Strength (to Steel) Strip Strength Temperature Resistance
Glass Cloth 0.08mm 1250mm 22N/100mm 900N/100mm -70℃-260℃
0.13mm 1250mm 28N/100mm 1700N/100mm -70℃-260℃
0.18mm 1250mm 48N/100mm 2750N/100mm -70℃-260℃
0.25mm 1250mm 62N/100mm 3650N/100mm -70℃-260℃
Pure PTFE 0.05mm 1000mm 20N/100mm 200N/100mm -70℃-260℃
0.13mm 1000mm 25N/100mm 400N/100mm -70℃-260℃
0.18mm 1000mm 44N/100mm 650N/100mm -70℃-260℃
0.25mm 1000mm 58N/100mm 950N/100mm -70℃-260℃

TOPKING, as a professional high temperature tape manufacturer, is dedicated to provide customers with premium quality adhesive tape at factory price. Our ptfe adhesive tape, mainly made from imported raw materials, has been sold to many countries, like Frances, Russia, Colombia, Myanmar, etc . We can offer different specifications to meet different applications. And free samples of ptfe adhesive tape is provided, welcome to contact us for more details!

PTFE Adhesive Tape Features - TOPKING

  • High and Low Temperature Resistance: The operating temperature is -70℃~260℃.
  • Anti-corrosion: It is resistant to strong acids, strong bases water and various organic solvents.
  • Non-sticky: It doesn’t adhere to any substance and easy to clean up.
  • Electrical Insulation: It is resistant to 1500 volts.
  • High Lubrication: It is the lower friction coefficient in solid materials.
  • User-friendly: It is easy to release and no adhesive residues left
  • Stability and Durability: high strength and tear-resistance, moisture absorption. 

PTFE Adhesive Tape Applications

With excellent heat resistance features, ptfe tape can be widely used in different high temperature working environment. 

  1. Can be used for heat sealing and cutting machine of plastic packaging in food and pharmaceutical industry.
  2. For anti-stick treatment on the surface of cylinder of all kinds of dryer, the laminating machine and paper machine.  
  3. Can also used to reduce friction force on sliding action of parts, like bearings, gears, slide plates and more. 

PTFE Adhesive Tape Manufacturing


Teflon/PTFE Tape Using, Selecting and Storing Tips

We often meet clients who ask us how to save the remaining Teflon tape, how to choose the material for Teflon tape, what to consider before using Teflon tape and how to maintain it during use. Here, TOPKING offers some suggestion for your reference.

  1. How to store the rest of Teflon tapes?

Teflon tape is a high-temperature Teflon cloth with a smooth side and a sticky adhesive on the other side. The glass fibre laminated one is one of the more widely used in the current market. It with adhesive side is silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, at the same time, in the production process added organic solvents, so the material if the use of redundant temporarily can not be used, must be sealed and stored, you can use plastic paper wrapped up to prevent the inside of the solvent will be sent, so you can extend the service life of more than 1 year.

  1. How to select the right material to save money?

The choice of material for Teflon tape is very important. Teflon tape can be used for corrosion and high temperature resistant surface treatment, as well as chutes, hoppers, aerospace moulds and other lining stickers, can also be used in the sizing machine rollers, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries, can be used repeatedly, easy to replace; all kinds of high temperature roller cladding, heating plate, demoulding workpiece, can be directly attached to a variety of large flat and regular surface (such as rollers); food, pharmaceuticals and plastic bags and other packaging. The Teflon® is also used for sealing, thermoplasticising and sealing plastic bags. Teflon tape can be used in all these applications. However, it is important to know the true temperature of the tape before using it. When the temperature is below 100°C and there is little pressure, you can use a lower grade to save costs. When the use of temperature in 100-150 degrees Celsius, to use the mid-range, when the temperature is above 150 degrees, must use the quality of superior Teflon tape, so there are many customers due to the wrong choice of materials on the wrong tape quality.

  1. What are the precautions before use?

Precautions before use: Teflon tape before use, the surface of the container and mould or equipment must be clean, not dust and oil, you can use toluene or alcohol to clean the surface. The tape must be kept flat and try to have 3 people operating at the same time.