Instant Waterproof Repair Tape

The new PVC high-performance waterproof tape instantly seals out water, whether it's a leaky pipe or a broken fish tank basin. It is particularly strong against leaks and is suitable for a wide range of materials, like glass, tent, wood, etc. Unlike traditional tape, which loses its adhesive properties when it encounters water, rubberized instant waterproof repair tape seems to prefer water, as soon as it is applied, it creates a reliable waterproof barrier over most materials, insulating them from air and quickly covering and repairing broken cracks. 

Simply calculate the size of tape to be patched, cut it to the required size, remove the lined sticker before use and apply it with a quick, firm motion after aligning it and you're done! A quick and firm application of the tape is all that is needed to fix any large cracks or leaks.

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PVC Rubberized Waterproof Repair Tape Technical Data

Materials PVC Adhesive Hot Melt Adhesive
Colors Black/White/Transparent Thickness 0.55mm
Width 5cm/10cm/20cm/30cm/Customizable Length 1.5m/2m/3m or customized
Initial Adhesion ≥25# Holding Power ≥2H
180° Peel strength ≥40N/25mm
≥50 %


Why Instant PVC Rubberized Waterproof Repair Tape is Popular?

1.Super Strong Adhesion: Backing rubberized ensures strong and firm adhesion

2.Excellent Waterproof Property: High quality materials guarantee good sealing and waterproof 

3.Durable and Wear-resistance: The layer thickness is up to 0.48mm

4.Easy to Use: Multiple color options and can be cut freely according to needs

5.Wide Applications: Can be repair or seal PVC, steel, metal, ceramic, tile, glass, acrylic, etc.


Where Instant Leak Waterproof Repair Can be Used to?

Waterproof repair tape provided by TOPKING Tapes can be appplied to a very wide range of materials, like PVC, acrylic, metal, steel, copper, aluminium, wood, ceramic, porcelain, tiles, glass, rubber, fibre plastic, dry walls, EPDM roofing and other surfaces. It repairs instantly and becomes stronger over time.

PVC Rubberized Instant Wateproof Repair Tape Instruction

1.It is not suitable for uneven base surface, such as bellows, braided pipe, concave and convex drop surface;

2.It is not suitable for water pipes or base surfaces of oil stains, dirty, high water pressure and high temperature;

3.It is recommended to use at the temperature of 5~50℃. Too high or too low temperature will affect the stickiness of the glue, and it cannot be used in hot water pipes and heating pipes.

4.It has strong stickiness, once it is stuck, it cannot be torn off, repositioned or uncovered, and cannot be used twice.

5.It can be used for emergency construction with water, but due to the consideration of water pressure, water property and other conditions, the adhesive force will decline, this is not the problem of the product itself. In order to achieve better waterproof sealing/repairing effect, using it in dry condition is recommended. 

6.This product is just for emergency, its effect can last within 15 days around. Thus, if the pipe is broken or leaked, it is better to replace for long term use.