Butyl Tape

Butyl tape which is both waterproof and long-lasting is produced by advanced technology with butyl rubber and aluminum foil as the main materials, as well as other additives. It is capable of adhering strongly to different surfaces, is resistant to weathering, deterioration, and water, and also provides sealing, cushioning, and protection for the surface it is attached to.


Waterproof butyl aluminum tape is completely solvent-free and therefore it does not shrink or release toxic gases. Self adhesive butyl sealing tape is an extremely advanced waterproofing and sealing material as it has excellent responsiveness to thermal expansion and mechanical deformation of the surface to which it is applied.

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High Quality Aluminum Foil Butyl Tape


Waterproof Butyl Repair Tape Technical Data

Thickness 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm Colors Silver + White
Silver + Grey
Width 5cm/10cm/15cm/20cm/30cm/Customizable Materials Butyl Rubber and Aluminum Foil 
Length 3m/5m/10m/15m/Customizable Samples Free

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Why Choose to Buy Waterproof Butyl Tape?

  • Polymer Synthesis Butyl Rubber: Stronger adhesion and longer service life;
  • Wide Usage: Suitable for most material surface, such as ordinary cement, sunlight glass room, ceramic tile, wooden, etc.
  • Waterproof and Repairing: Excellent waterproof and repairing performance;
  • Wear Resistance and Anti-aging: A new generation of thickened pure aluminum film makes it more wear resistance and strong aging resistance.
  • Fire Retardant and Corrosion Resistance: Pure aluminum base surface has the property of flame retardant, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Low Temperature Resistance and Frost Resistance: Viscosity does not decrease at low temperature (-40° no embrittlement, -30° still can be used).
  • High Elongation: High elongation ensures non-sticky construction, which is for sanitation and environmental protection.
  • Sunscreen Cooling: Smooth pure aluminum film has better sunscreen cooling effect.

Super Waterproof Butyl Tape Applications

This product is suitable for all kinds of material surface, including PVC pipe, silicone hose, roofing cracks, color steel tile workshop, glass sunshine hut, aluminum plastic plate, plastic container, container, SBS membrane edge and so on.

  • Construction: roof waterproofing, underground waterproofing, structural construction joints waterproofing treatment, polymer waterproofing materials lap sealing.
  • Municipal Engineering: underground tunnel structure construction joint sealing waterproof treatment.
  • Color Steel, Steel Structure and Sun Room: for jointing/Sealing, airtightness, waterproofness and vibration damping.
  • Automobile: bonding and sealing treatment in automobile assembly.

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Custom-made Labels for Your Butyl Tape Business

custom-made butyl tape labels for your adhesive business

How to Correctly Use Butyl Repair Tape?


  • Clean the base surface to remove dust, oil and other dirt;
  • Measure the required length of tape;
  • Paste the tape and press it down immediately and tightly;



1.After pasted it about 24 hours, do not tear it or peel it off;

2.For the waterproofing of upstream face, it is not recommended to stick it on the dusting surface.

3.When pasting it, make sure that the glue and the base surface are all bonded and compacted, and there is no gap left.

4.It is not recommended to use it on containers or surface where need to be soaked for long time.

5.Because the temperature is different in different regions, to achieve the best results, it is recommended in places where is at low temperature conditions to use it at noon when the temperature is rising.



1.Whether it is for building, pipe or container leakage repairing, the tape must be sticked to the upstream face, that is the side of direct contact with the rain or water, so it can stop the water infiltration fundamentally and achieve better waterproofing performance. 

2.Before pasting, the surface must be cleaned up by removing dust and loose materials to ensure that the base surface is clean, no moisture, no oil and other substances. Thus, the tape can be sticked to the surface tightly. 

3.Before pasting, it is necessary to locate the leakage point, expand the scope of waterproof construction, and ensure that the leakage gap is covered. Cement cracks are recommended to stick 10cm or 15cm wide tape.

4.Do not tear when just pasted, because the adhesive layer only stays on the surface at the beginning, and it takes more than a week to slowly penetrate and stick to the base surface to achieve good viscosity.