Natural Graphite Sheet

Thermally conductive graphite film/sheet, also known as graphite heat sink, is a new thermally conductive heat dissipation material. Thermally conductive graphite sheet has a unique grain orientation, provides uniform thermal conductivity along two directions, and its sheet-layer structure adapts well to any surfaces. And it is shielding heat sources and components while improving the performance of consumer electronics.

Natural graphite heat dissipation sheet is featured with high thermal conductivity, easy to use, flexibility, no gas liquid permeability. And the graphite chips do not age and embrittlement. So, it is suitable for most chemical media, generally, its thermal conductivity is 700~1200W/m.k.

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Thermally conductive graphite sheets provided by TOPKING are manufactured from natural graphite, with features of high thermal conductivity, easy to use, flexible, compressible, available in overmolded (if insulation is required) and non-overmolded, covered edge and no covered edges. There are no gas and liquid permeation. And the graphite layer is not aging and brittle. It is suitable for most chemical media. TOPKING can provided custom-made services according to customer's special requirements, welcome to contact us to get FREE samples for testing! 

Technical Data of Natural Graphite Sheet

  • Temperature applicable range: -40~400℃ (inert environment)
  • Product features: can be laminated with copper foil, aluminum foil and other materials, can be laminated and insulated, can be backed with adhesive upon request.
  • Standard size: 600mm×100m (0.03~0.07mm), 1000mm×100m (≥0.1mm); 0.03~1.0mm; thickness is optional.

Applications of Natural Graphite Sheet

Our natural thermally conductive graphite sheet have a good market prospect in the electronic industry. It is widely used in the thermal conductivity of cell phones, computers, LED lighting devices, LCD-TV/ PDP flat panel displays, integrated circuits, high power density electronic devices, electronic instruments, etc.

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TOPKING supports custom services for thermal materials, including size, shape, materials, colors and more. And we also provide FREE samples quickly as you required. Welcome to contact us to get price list, technical parameters, testing reports and more!